External Blogs & Podcasts

Some blogs & podcasts we have conducted away from P&P:

Speed & Agility: How return to running can begin in acute injury: – Inform Performance Digital Magazine January ’21 (https://informperformance.com/articles/)

Hamstring Injury: Using Research in Rehab: – Rehab in Sport online worldwide conference. May ’20 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0CDMpkdceM&t=970s)

Sam speaks with Jimmy McKay on PT Pint-cast: September ’18 (http://www.ptpintcast.com/2018/09/18/330-sam-blanchard-arsenal-womens-football-physio/)

Sam’s Facebook Live webinar, hosted by Rethinking Physiotherapy – adductor tendon rehab case study October ’17 (https://www.facebook.com/RethinkingPhysiotherapy/videos/1673484302682139/)

Non-linear pedagogy and sensoriomotor function in rehab May ’17 (Historic Performance Podcast) – http://www.historicperformance.net/podcast-episodes/91

Sensorimotor training, rehabilitation modelling and bio-banding Feb ’16 (Youth Athletic Development Podcast) – http://www.youthathletedevelopment.com/podcast/2016/2/4/es1okk6fq3kxldxobrq7bl0q9mxxz6

(Non-medical) Pancreatic cancer fundraising: Hike across Dartmoor (Sam is physio for university friend, Nick Atkins, who is raising money for Pancreatic Cancer UK. This was one challenge Sam joined in on)- https://nicks3030challenge.wordpress.com/2015/08/12/its-just-over-that-ridge-summer-2015-part-2/

Injuries in kids: Part 2 May ’15 (BJSM podcast) – https://soundcloud.com/bmjpodcasts/managing-load-in-young-footballer-practical-tips-to-customize-treatment-training-sam-blanchard?in=bmjpodcasts/sets/bjsm-1

Injuries in Kids: Part 1 April ’15 (BJSM podcast) – https://soundcloud.com/bmjpodcasts/injuries-in-kids-why-do-they-occur-is-specialisation-a-problem-sam-blanchard-ukphysiosinsport

Supporting Young Athletes April ’15 (for BJSM) – http://blogs.bmj.com/bjsm/2015/04/14/supporting-young-athletes-to-stay-and-excel-in-sport-whats-the-role-of-the-medical-team-and-what-does-expanding-our-view-of-maturation-have-to-do-with-it/

Groin Pain April ’15 (for The Running Physio aka TomGoom) – http://www.running-physio.com/groin/

Working with Young Athletes June ’13 (for BJSM) – http://blogs.bmj.com/bjsm/2013/06/22/working-with-young-athletes-in-football-its-not-just-kids-play-but-that-helps/

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