About Us

plinth [plinth]

1. a padded table for a patient to sit on or lie on while performing exercises, receiving a massage, or undergoing other physical therapy treatments.


plat·form [ˈplatfôrm/]

1. the reinforced base of a squat rack traditionally used for olympic weight lifting training.

We write blogs on all things “sports medicine” as a way of keeping our knowledge and understanding up to date. We both enjoy learning and as a result, helping others learn. We try and vary our blogs as much as possible, trying to appeal to experienced sports medicine professionals and aspiring ones, discussing topics relevant to physiotherapy and strength & conditioning. We hope you enjoy!


Conor McGoldrick

Conor has worked across a range of sports from county level athletes to international rugby player’s and footballer’s.  He currently is a strength and conditioning coach with the Lawn Tennis Association in the UK.

Sam Blanchard

Sam has worked as a Physiotherapist in a number of different sports from community to international level and has lectured on sports medicine at the University of Brighton. Currently, Sam is working full time in a professional football academy, having previously worked in full time roles for Brighton & Hove Albion, Buffalo Sabres (NHL), Scottish Rugby and Arsenal Womens FC.


A link to Sam’s YouTube channel:yt_1200-vfl4C3T0K





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